Erosion of Biodiversity: Towards an irreversible global catastrophe? (WWF report)


WWF has just published its 2018 “Living Planet” report. This twelfth report – a long series published every two years – highlights the massive erosion of wildlife populations. The decline was 52% between 1970 and 2010. Over the period from 1970 to 2014 it rose to 60%   The future of terrestrial biological diversity is believed to belong to rats …

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Climate: Will birds be saved by International Conventions?

A study conducted by the Center for Ecology and Conservation Sciences of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris with the participation of the Tour du Valat, published in the journal Biological Conservation , shows that international conventions can contribute favorably to the adaptation to climate change of bird populations in the Mediterranean basin. will the upheaval of migration …

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White Cap: 68 baby monk seals born this year! (video)

seal monk

The colony of monk seals around the peninsula of Cap Blanc seems to be well. The FB page of the monk seal conservation program has published photos announcing a very good news: 68 newborns in the colony this year !!   The same page did publish a video last Tuesday showing a female seal breastfeeding her baby. The video is …

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Genetic diversity: a challenge for successful antelope conservation

At the National Zoo of Rabat, a new conference on the theme of Sahelo-Saharan Antelope Conservation highlighted on 12th September the need to integrate the management of genetic diversity into Conservation programs in order to improve their chances of success. Restoring extinct gazelles to areas where they once evolved is not an easy task. When it is not the species …

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Nador: summerers save a Cuvier’s whale

This cetacean looks more like a dolphin than a whale. Yet the mammal that did appear yesterday in “Paloma” beach, not far from Nador, is a Cuvier’s whale. The summerers tried to help the whale to return to the right direction, the stranding was eventually avoided. LSummers of the beach Paloma still can’t believe what they witness. A Cuvier’s whale …

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Observation of three bearded vultures! (Story in podcast)

On July 12, three bearded vultures were seen in the Mgoun region. Ismail El Allaoui, a teacher, an aficionado of nature and a member of several bird groups has tripled one of his most cherished wishes. He was able to observe a bearded vulture in the wild in Morocco.   This is not one bearded vulture sighting but three simultaneous …

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Is there a natural remedy to fight ravages of the processionary caterpillar on the Atlas cedar?

Several factors put pressure on the cedars, resulting in the reduction of forest areas, the degradation of biodiversity and the Atlas cedar’s deterioration. The processionary caterpillar is a “pest” that weakens the health of the cedar. Is a “natural” solution to this plague possible?    It is a small caterpillar, but as small as it is, it threatens the health …

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The barbary macaque

The barbary macaque (Macaca Sylvanus) is the only macaque living on the African continent . It lives in the wild in the relict forests of Morocco and Algeria. It is also present in an artificial way on Gibraltar. With man (Homo sapiens) he represents the only primate of Europe.   Other species of the genus Macaca live mainly in South …

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