Taza: Moroccan speleologists follow a training on cave rescues (podcast)

In Taza, 33 Moroccan speleologists affiliated to several speleology associations participated from November 2 to 6 in a theoretical and practical training in caving rescue. Dedicated voluntarily by six speleologists from three English clubs, the training is the first of its kind in Morocco.


The speleological tourism sector in Morocco has recently been strengthened thanks to an internship where 33 Moroccan speleologists affiliated to several associations were initiated by their English colleagues at the bases of the speleo-first aid. The event was organized in the region of Taza by the Moroccan Association of Speleology and Mountain Tourism of Taza, the Association of speleology and mountain activities of Chefchaouen and the Association “Moroccans explorers” under the aegis of the Moroccan Association of Speleosecours (AMSS).

The speleology first aid course, the first of its kind in Morocco, allowed the exchange of technical and practical experiences between Moroccan speleologists and their counterparts from the Angolan clubs “British Cave Rescue“, “Council Midlands Cave Rescue” and “Gloucestershire Organization Cave Group”.

The training focused on the initiation and refinement of modern techniques for caving and rescue of people trapped or trapped in caves, as well as on the methods of using high-performance communication systems inside and out. outside the chasms.

“Participants from several Moroccan cities, including Taza, Agadir, Casablanca, Chefchaouen and Marrakech, to learn and improve their techniques and skills in first aid and rescue in the chasms and caves,” said Houcine El Mansouri president of the AMSS.

Remember that Morocco has a large number of caves, many of which are sites of ecological and biological interest. Unfortunately, the lack of speleologists trained in first aid explains in part the lack of valorization of this kind of sites. The cave of Friouatou is an example: since a fatal accident in his bowels the cave the majestic cave is closed to tourists for over 2 years

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